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Ferrotec’s MeiVac Power Supplies are the perfect solution for modern coating systems.

For magnetron sputtering systems, the MeiVac MAXIM DC power supplies provides state of the art arc detection and suppression, giving MAK sputter source users superior technology for their sputtering applications. The MAXIM are available in 500W, 1000W, and 1500W options, and should be matched to your sputtering source and application requirements. Additionally, the R301 and R601 RF power supply bundles are available for RF sputter applications.

For use with MeiVac Re-Vap resistive coating systems, our solid state solutions provide modern interface for more advanced control while maintaining a front panel metering and control system. These units can be automated, matched to a rate or process control loop or manual operated. The output Voltage and current are matched perfectly to our Re-Vap 900 and our Re-Vap 3000 sources.

Available Power Supplies

MAXIM 500W DC Power Supply

Part Number: 7004-0500-4

MAXIM 1000W DC Power Supply

Part Number: 7004-1000-2

MAXIM 1500W DC Power Supply

Part Number: 7004-1500-1

R301 13.56MHz 300W RF Power Supplies

Part Number: SU-R301

R601 13.56MHz 600W RF Power Supplies

Part Number: SU-R601

1.2 kW Re-Vap Power Supplies

Part Number: 7007-5004-0

2.4 kW Re-Vap Power Supplies

Part Number: 7007-8300-0

Looking for e-Beam Power Supplies?

Ferrotec also offers a complete line of sources, power supplies, controllers and accessories. Learn more about Ferrotec’s e-beam power supply options.

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