Re-Vap™ 2.4 kW Power Supply

Part Number: 7007-8300-0


Re-Vap power supply kits are the fast reliable way to complete your resistive coating system. MeiVac offers the popular Re-Vap 900 analog supply along with modern solid state units. The analog unit is matched to our Re-Vap 900 source to make a straight forward simple yet reliable coating package. Our solid state solutions provide modern interface for more advanced control while maintaining a front panel metering and control system. These units can be automated, matched to a rate or process control loop or manual operated. The output Voltage and current are matched for our Re-Vap 900 and our Re-Vap 3000 sources. Solid state units are CE, U.L. and RoHS certified.


Input Power

208V +/-10%, Single-phase, 50/60 Hz, 7A

Output Voltage

0 to 8 V

Output Current





1U x 19″ rack mount


U.L. CE Marked RoHS

Digital Interface

RS-232/485, I.O.


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