MeiVac R&D and Process Improvements

Whether you need a tool for a 24/7 production fab or are still in the development phase, the MeiVac team will work with your researchers and engineers to maximize the process performance of a new or existing tool.


  • Process optimization to meet your specific needs
    • Higher deposition rates>
    • Film thickness uniformity optimization
    • Film stoichiometry uniformity control and repeatability
  • Process development to address new Applications
    • New materials
    • New sources and/or process chamber configurations
  • Process development is not just limited to MeiVac’s standard systems. Our Process team works with customers to:
    • Help optimize processes on their existing tools
    • Design new tools that can meet their emerging requirements
In-House Capability Off-Site Capability
Nanospec Thin Film Measurement System RBS
Filmetric Thin Film Analyzer XRR
Woollam Ellipsometer Tencor Flexus
Hitachi SEM with EDS (Energy Dispersive Spectroscopy)
DekTak Profilometer
Metricon Prism Coupler
Optical Microscope

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