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3kW CVS Power Supply and Controller

Part Number: 7007-9900-0


e-Vap® CVS power supplies are the perfect solution for modern coating systems. The digital control system allows user control of power level and arc management. These can be programmed to match any electron beam source to perfection. Power supplies come with both Ethernet and a 50 pin digital I/O with access to all key control and monitoring features. A standard graphic user interface (GUI) is also included. All CVS supplies include our 1U filament drive unit, remote mount filament transformer and complete installation / cable kit. Multi-channel kits are also available to control up to 3 ebeam sources per power supply.


Input Power

220 VAC 1 phase

Output Voltage

Variable up to -6kV

Output Current


Arc Suppression

Fast-arc programmable arc recovery system




Door,remote mode, remote on, vacuum and water digital inputs

User Interface

Backlit LCD display with separate status LEDs


Ethernet, RS-232 with GUI


3U panel height HV unit & 1U panel height filament drive / source controller


Air cooled


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