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e-Vap 10KW Large Fixed Pocket Source (25cc pocket)

Part Number: 0402-5004-1025


Ferrotec’s MeiVac single fixed pocket 25cc electron beam evaporation source model 0402-5004-1025 is part of the e-Vap Large Fixed Pocket series of e-beam sources. e-Vap fixed pocket electron beam evaporation sources offer large material volume in a compact package. These sources are available in HV or UHV (VCR fitting) versions. These rugged high performance sources are perfect for a dedicated one material deposition process. These sources use the same advanced magnetic system utilized in our rotary source providing unmatched performance and reliability.


Maximum Power

10kW – Crucible and material dependent

Operating Voltage

Range -6kV to -10kV

Beam Current

Zero to 1A

Water Flow

3.0 gpm @ 65 psi


to 2x10E-8 Torr


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